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The science behind deer milk in skincare

Changes to our skin’s appearance are the most visible sign of ageing, so it’s little wonder we all want to find ways to keep our skin beautiful, soft and free from premature wrinkles.

As the secret behind Cleopatra’s radiant, wrinkle-free skin, milk has long been thought to have potent benefits for skin – benefits that are due to its rich combination of proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nourishing ingredients.

With even more powerful properties than other types of milk, deer milk is the complete nourishment our skin needs, day and night. It keeps the skin soft and supple while providing deep hydration to minimise dryness and calm sensitive skin.

Deer in Queenstown
Deer in Queenstown

More protein than any other milk

Because skin cells are replaced every 24 days, proteins are essential for maintaining healthy skin as well as repairing and replacing damaged cells. Milk proteins have the ability to bind water within the epidermis (the outermost layer of skin), for enhanced moisturisation and softness.

In comparison to goat, sheep or cow milk, deer milk is extremely rich in protein and one of only a few protein sources containing high levels of amino acids. Essential for the growth and regeneration of skin cells, these amino acids act as natural nourishing, hydrating and anti-wrinkle agents.

Essential minerals for skin health

Deer milk is rich in minerals including zinc, selenium, calcium, potassium and phosphorous, which boost cell repair, protect against environmental stress and act as powerful antioxidants.

Found mostly in the epidermis, calcium plays a key role in barrier function repair and the replenishment of skin cells. With the calcium content of deer milk being much higher than that of sheep, goats or cows, it’s a powerful way to support cell production and repair, prevent thinning of the epidermis as we age and improve the skin’s natural barrier.

Deer milk also contains potassium, which is essential for healthy skin and key to maintaining electrolyte balance and internal fluids – keeping cells hydrated and skin internally moisturised.

kōtia skincare
kōtia skincare
kōtia skincare
kōtia skincare

Beauty boosting vitamins

Deer milk is also rich in vitamins D, E, B and A, just to name a few. As powerful antioxidants, these vitamins support the skin's immune system and help to destroy free radicals that can cause premature ageing.

Vitamin B has been shown to improve the ability of the epidermis to retain moisture – leading to softer, smoother skin with less dryness and a reduction of fine lines.

Similarly, vitamin A (or retinol) is proven to support the skin’s immune system and stimulate collagen production, giving skin a natural and radiant glow. As an added benefit, the vitamin A in deer milk is absorbed much more effectively than synthetic vitamin A, boosting its regenerative properties.